DopLiving with Waterboxer Ep#2 – Know Your Enemy


DopLiving with Waterboxer Ep#1


EP #10: Esther Perriam


I met Esther late last year in New Zealand and we very quickly connected because we had both shared some similar experiences while working in aged care.

Esther is the General Manager of Eldernet.co.nz, a website which keeps people informed about aged care services and related information about available options.

I like that Eldernet have a mission to empower the elderly and to combat the ageism that is apparent in parts of our society.



EP #9: Brian Freeman


It’s hard to put down words that feel like they will do justice to Brian Freeman’s life journey.

Brian lost the use of his legs after a vehicle accident and subsequent surgery cut off the blood supply to part of his spine.

Brian tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) after his daughter’s encouragement and has never looked back.

Brian is trying to raise funds to travel to California to compete in the IBJJF Pan Championships and New York to compete in the first tournament just for disabled grapplers.

If you can, it’d be an awesome thing to give a little towards Brian’s cause – you can do this here —> Brian Freeman – Go Fund Me



EP #8: BadAndy


I’ve been wanting to talk to BadAndy for a long time and getting him on the podcast was a great chance to finally speak to him.

Life is tough and if you’re not prepared, you could find yourself unable to deal with what get’s thrown your way.

BadAndy had his life thrown upside down by a series of events which culminated in recieving a diagnosis of MS after having spotty vision. Not just surviving, but thriving, it’s an honour to have BadAndy as a guest in the Dojo.