EP #7: Siobhan O’Dwyer


It was a pleasure and a great opportunity to welcome Siobhan O’Dwyer to the Dojo for episode 7.

There are many people out there caring for those who need help in their daily lives due to a huge range of health issues. It’s not often we take time to consider the health and wellbeing of the carer rather than the person they are caring for.

Siobhan is putting her life’s work into helping us understand the carers role. Her research is about finding out how we can ensure we can provide care while staying healthy and happy as people & carers.



I Have MS… MS Does Not Have Me! by @aterhall


We sat up all night waiting for the labor to start, my wife wasn’t even close to being fully dilated and was in a lot of pain.  The nurses were being instructed by the doctor to keep giving her morphine until she was;dilated and they could start an epidural.  Well not long after her last dose of Morphine all of a sudden she was fully dilated, and it was go time, no time for an epidural so she had to tough if out.  The next half hour or so was the scariest time of my life.  When my son came into this world, it was not the sound of a first breath, or crying we heard, it was the sound of panic, the sound of fear..   “He’s not breathing” I remember hearing, even though I was standing right there staring at him. Doctors were everywhere, in my own panic I decided to walk away and find my dad, thinking he would make everything better.  I couldn’t find him anywhere in the room and when I peaked my head out into the hall, I saw him kneeling down along the wall, saying out loud “Take me god, and leave him, take me”. That was some hard shit to hear at the moment.  I helped my dad get up and right when we walked back into the room, I heard the beautiful yet somewhat haunting sounds of my son crying.. Nine minutes had passed without him breathing.  Nine minutes that almost felt like nine seconds.  But he was alive and breathing, and that’s all that mattered.  (more…)


EP #6: Tim Senior

The Dojo welcomes Tim Senior, a doctor specialising in Aboriginal health in Australia.

We talk about preventative health, funding our health systems for health rather than disease, Aboriginal perspective on health and the environment.

Informative and interesting, don’t miss this one!



EP #5: Waterboxer (Part 2)


We are back with part 2 of the chat with Waterboxer. We speak about getting twitter and social media right for organisations, Waterboxer explains that marketing is just advertising, we speak about podcasts and also about cannabis as a natural pain reliever.

Please enjoy part 2 of this podcast.



EP #4: Waterboxer (Part 1)


He is known as Waterboxer to his friends and joins us from Los Angeles California. He has great ideas about powerful ageing and has practiced them himself throughout his life. His passion for life is infectious and it was a pleasure to speak to him about his experiences training for marathons, ideas around diet and physical maintenance.

Full of stories and ideas – please enjoy part 1 of this podcast.

(The artwork for this episode was a collaborative effort between the two of us). (more…)