EP #3: Gillian Robinson


Gillian Robinson from Christchurch New Zealand is my guest for episode 3. Gillian is a registered nurse and has an amazing passion for her work. Gillian recently published her book: ‘Excellence in residential care: a guide for managers and nurses‘ and continues to work with care providers as owner of Healthcare Compliance Solutions.

We speak about Gillians book and the issues facing us as an ageing community. (more…)


Ep #2: Rod Hunt


I speak to Rod Hunt in episode 2 of the podcast. I contacted Rod through twitter as I have been a reader of his blog Ideas in Aged and Community Care for a while now. Rod has been a board member for Aged and Community Services Australia, deputy CEO at St Ann’s Homes and is currently a consultant at Hunt & Fitzgerald.

Rod and I speak about healthy ageing and how maintaining active and connected lifestyles can positively affect our lives. (more…)


Ep #1: Greg Beasley


My guest for episode 1 is Greg Beasley who is on the inside of the aged care sector and works for Leecare Solutions – a company that provides care software to care providers. Greg gets to speak to a lot of different people who are working in aged care, so his view on what is happening out there is current and unique. We get a chance to talk about his transition from Philadelphia USA to Melbourne Australia, his introduction to the aged care sector and we also discuss some of the challenges that all aged care providers face in looking after people with health issues later in life.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Greg, it feels like a huge achievement to get the podcast kicked off. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped me, inspired me or just took the time to listen. (more…)


Ep #0: Pav Singh

Ep#0PavSinghwebPav, who is part of the team of IT gurus over at Internetrix, came over to help me kick off the podcast. His work makes him very fluent in all things Google and he let me know that he is next in line to experiment with Google glass. Unfortunately, I hadn’t set things up properly and I wasn’t able to put up our chat about what the next generation of wearable technology might look like in an ageing community.  I’ll be sure to have Pav back on as soon as possible so we can have another chat about emerging technologies and how they might be used to help improve people’s lives.