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DopLiving with Waterboxer LIVE Broadcast

Listen to the LIVE weekly stream of the DopLiving podcast here when we are broadcasting. This player will stay at the top of the website for the latest LIVE episode. Listen to previous episodes below.


DopLiving with @Waterboxer Ep# 16 – Charge of the Light Brigade


EP #5: Waterboxer (Part 2)

We are back with part 2 of the chat with Waterboxer. We speak about getting twitter and social media right for organisations, Waterboxer explains that marketing is just advertising, we speak about podcasts and also about cannabis as a natural pain reliever. Please enjoy part 2 of this podcast.


EP #4: Waterboxer (Part 1)

He is known as Waterboxer to his friends and joins us from Los Angeles California. He has great ideas about powerful ageing and has practiced them himself throughout his life. His passion for life is infectious and it was a pleasure to speak to him about his experiences training for marathons, ideas around diet and […]